Wilhelm Kempff



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The Wilhelm-Kempff-Kulturstiftung (Italian: Fondazione Culturale Wilhelm Kempff) supports art and culture, especially in the field of music. In the spirit of Wilhelm Kempff, the first priority of the foundation is to promote outstanding interpretation of piano music. By fulfilling those purposes the foundation also wants to honour and cultivate the memory of Wilhelm Kempff.

In particular the foundation supports piano master classes held in Positano, Italy, and cares for the preservation of the foundation’s instruments of Wilhelm Kempff’s estate.

Foundation council

Annette von Bodecker (Chairwoman)
Evelyn Meining (Vice-Chairwoman)
Wolfgang Dix
RĂĽdiger Kruse 
Christoph Roth
William Hong-Chun Youn
Dr. Randolf von Estorff 
Daniel KĂĽhnel 

Foundation board

Gutes Stiften GmbH


» Statute (in German)


The foundation is registered as a non-profit organization in Berlin, Germany. It can work supporting and operational. Donors get a tax-receipt for their donation.
The Foundation is also entitled to accept endowments. In contrast to donations, endowments flow into the assets of the foundation.

Donations account:
Bank: Donner & Reuschel
IBAN: DE94 2003 0300 0121 7100 00

Annual reports

» Annual report 2022 (in German)
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» Annual report 2020 (in German)
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» Annual report 2018 (in German)
» Annual report 2017 (in German)
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