Artists residencies
of the Wilhelm Kempff Academy

Artist residency Beethoven:

K√ľnstler*innen 2023:
Prof. Konstantia Gourzi, composer and conductor (November/December 2023)
Prof. Dr. Stephan Mösch, musicologist and publicist (December 2023)

Artists in residence 2022:
Piano duo Yaara Tal & Andreas Groethuysen (December 2022)

Robert HP Platz, composer und conductor (October/November 2022) Report

Artists in residence 2021:
Anna Gourari, pianist (August/September 2021)
Prof. Chaya Czernowin, composer (December 2021), Report
Prof. Elmar Lampson, composer (December 2021)

Artists in residence 2020:
Prof. Isabel Mundry, composer (September/Oktober 2020)
Prof. Johannes Moser, cellist (September/Oktober 2020)

The Artists Residencies Beethoven 2020, 2021 and 2022 were supported by the German Federal Foreign Office.

Progetto Positano:

Ricardo Eizirik, composer (Mai 2024)
Georgia Koumar√°, composer (August 2023)
Maja Bosnińá, composer (February 2023)
Kaj Duncan David, composer (June/August 2022)
Laura Bowler, composer and vocalist (March 2022)
Liisa Hirsch, composer (July 2021)
Chris Swithinbank, composer (May 2021)
Sara Glojnarińá, composer (August 2020)
Wojtek Blecharz, composer (June/August 2020)

Julia Mihaly, composer (July/October 2019)
√ďscar Escudero, composer (June 2019)

“(…) Casa Orfeo, was a place to refind your own center. To wake up every morning in front of that blue with no more to do than contemplating gave me an immeasurable peace to work as and when I felt I had to do so. (…)” More about √ďscar Escudero on youtube.

Andreas Eduardo Frank, composer (September 2018)
Manuel Rodriguez Valenzuela, composer (June 2018)
Johan Svensson, composer (June 2017)

Project in cooperation with Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung and ensemble mosaik

Here you can find further information about the Progetto Positano.


Artists in residence 2019:
Benedict Esche, architect (August 2019)
Prof. Gordon Kampe, composer (August 2019)

Artists in residence 2018:
Philipp Maintz, composer (August 2018)
Anno Schreier, composer (August 2018)

Artists in residence 2017:
Matthias Hoch, photographer (September 2017)
Matthias Weischer, painter (November 2017)

The residency program “Eduard-Arnhold-Stipendium” in 2017, 2018 and 2019 was supported by the German Federal Foreign Office.

Artists in residence 2016:
David Schnell, painter (June 2016)
Snezana Nesic, composer (September 2016)

Artists in residence 2015:
Vito Zuraj, composer (June 2015)
Maria Cecilia Barbetta, writer (September 2015)

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